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Why chart your cycle

  1. A basal body temperature chart can help pinpoint ovulation and reveal months when there is no ovulation. Ovulation is confirmed when there are 3 high temperatures following 6 low readings.
  2. Cervical mucus which is stretchy and egg white in appearance is known as peak type mucus and is fertile. Tracking this gives some idea of the most fertile days which usually precede ovulation.
  3. Erratic temperatures or very low or excessively high temperatures can help diagnose imbalances of hormones in the cycle.
  4. The length of the cycle overall and the length of the pre and post ovulatory phases can be analysed in order to decipher where the hormonal imbalance might be.
  5. Comparing the chart month on month can be encouraging in tracking improvements, especially when having acupuncture or herbal treatment and making lifestyle changes.
  6. Where there are issues of low fertility for whatever reason, being able to pinpoint the fertility window is especially useful.
  7. The effects of stress are often clearly expressed in the basal body temperature chart, giving an opportunity to make any needed changes.

Download a chart here