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Unexplained Infertility and Chinese Medicine

A diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility is made in around 30% of couples where there is evidence of ovulation, tubal patency and a normal semen analysis.

There may be one or more contributing factors to this diagnosis, including immunological problems, low progesterone levels, poor cervical mucus, egg quality, and a host of other medical issues. Some hormonal imbalances present may be mild and not revealed by a blood test.

Previous oral contraceptive use, stress, diet, weight, exercise, work issues, and environmental pollutants are all possible contributing factors to the overall fertility picture.

A starting point in Chinese Medicine is the smooth running of the menstrual cycle, or otherwise. The length of the cycle, pre menstrual problems, heavy or light bleeding, pain, spotting, and the quality of cervical mucus are all important.

If appropriate then charting the basal body temperature (BBT) daily is advised, in order to assess the flow of hormonal activity throughout the month.

The aim of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is to restore the menstrual cycle to its natural functioning, free of pain and abnormal bleeding. Reducing pre menstrual symptoms, encouraging good cervical mucus, and ovulation at the appropriate time are key aims too.

When the cycle is restored to a natural length, with the pre and post ovulatory phases relatively in balance, then the chances of conception are considerably improved.