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How does sugar affect fertility

Modern western diets are full of hidden and not so hidden sugars. When consumed on a regular basis, the effect this has is that the pancreas will repeatedly produce insulin to cope with the increase of sugar in the bloodstream.

This then causes the blood sugar to lower, which creates symptoms such as tiredness, anxiety, headaches and need for regular snacking. This in turn can exacerbate the unstable blood sugar levels.

The effect of this yo-yo-ing of blood sugar on hormonal health is nothing short of catastrophic. The adrenal glands become exhausted, the gut bacteria is depleted, oestrogen levels are upset, and the thyroid becomes unbalanced. Every organ in the body including the cardiovascular, digestive and reproductive systems suffer.

When the pancreas eventually becomes depleted from its constant output of insulin, the body can become insulin resistant, which is implicated in Polycystic ovarian syndrome, where the hormonal environment in the ovaries has been affected.

In Chinese medicine sugar is considered hot and damp, and weakens the spleen and kidneys. Anything more than a very small quantity has a profound effect on all the body systems, including the immune system.

Suggestions for reducing sugar intake;