Your first consultation

Your first Consultation will be 90 minutes where we will talk through your entire gynaecological, menstrual and fertility history in detail. Then I will ask you about all other aspects of your health, and your family history. We may discuss any difficulties you are experiencing emotionally and mentally, and any particular stresses you have currently.

There will be time for questions. and to look at realistic goals, including ideas about exercise, diet, supplements, menstrual cycle tracking and any other appropriate treatments. We will also do an acupuncture treatment.

At your second session we will talk further, then you will lie down on the couch and some very fine acupuncture needles will be inserted. There are acupuncture points all over the body but common points are in the lower legs, arms, abdomen or back. The needles may feel mildly uncomfortable for a moment but are not generally painful. They stay in place for about 20 minutes, during which time you should feel very relaxed.

If you have any blood test results or paperwork relating to scans or other procedures then bring them along to your appointment. There is no need to wear special clothing, there are towels and blankets to cover you if you need to remove any clothing. It may be best to avoid a heavy meal just before treatment, or very vigorous exercise immediately afterwards.

You are welcome to bring your partner along to the first appointment.


First Consultation
90 mins – £90

Follow up treatments
50 mins – £60

Breech baby turning treatment
50 mins – £60

Pre birth treatments from 37 weeks (once a week for 3 weeks)
50 mins – £60

Chinese Herbs (granules)
1 month supply – £80

Missed appointments  – £60
Late cancellation (within 24 hours)  – £30


Payment can be made by cash card or by bank transfer at your appointment

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